Improve Your Communications With Hosted VoIP Services

Need to update your company’s legacy phone system?

With many company employees working from home, the use of a cloud hosted system can be a far more effective business telephony solution. It offers more flexibility than that of any traditional legacy telephony solutions that will ultimately need to be completely replaced within the next 2 years, due to BTs ISDN and PSTN being switched off.

If you’re ready to make a change, Novem can work with you to upgrade your system as well as offering excellent ongoing support to help you make the most of this new technology.

Today one of the most cost effective and most efficient solutions is a VOIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) cloud hosted phone system. It offers low cost of ownership and exceptional flexibility, with these systems running over your internal data network and the internet, allowing you to make low-cost calls that are often far less expensive than traditional telephony solutions that use legacy PSTN or ISDN connections.

With our hosted VoIP services, you’ll enjoy exceptional flexibility and economy.

With this internet phone system, you can make and receive calls at home or on an app on your smartphone, even if the internet at your business premises fails.

With hosted VoIP you can provision limitless extensions and DDIs with access to all the features of traditional PBX solutions to help you stay connected including team integration, auto-attendant, call forwarding, extension reporting and call recording.

Due to the system being non-geographical, if you move premises, work from home or are out of the country you and your colleagues are never unreachable. Novem’s VoIP services offer reliable and robust business continuity.

If you’re thinking of updating your phone system in Manchester, why not discover more about our hosted VoIP services today? Or contact our team for more details.

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