Comprehensive Cybersecurity Solutions For Manchester Businesses

Anticipating and defending against cyber-attacks is part of running any modern business.  

Too often cyber security is a low priority, despite the fact that the risks can be costly. Consequently, many businesses leave themselves vulnerable and open to cyber-attacks, often without realising it. A cyber-attack can not only be financially punitive, it can damage your company reputation.

Last year, losses due to fraud and cybercrime totalled over £2 billion in the UK, with breaches showing a marked increase over the course of the pandemic as businesses opened up their IT systems to accommodate remote working.

A large proportion of cyber breaches are identified as being the result of human error so raising awareness and educating staff should be an essential part of your overall strategy. Many IT users understandably find the evolving threat landscape confusing and bewildering and as a result this should be a major consideration when evaluating your cyber security provision .

Novem Ltd offer comprehensive cyber security solutions for companies in Manchester and the surrounding locations.

Whatever type of business you run in the greater Manchester area, it’s crucial that your company develops a cyber security strategy that supports your business operations and protects its reputation. Novem can provide total protection and peace of mind when securing your entire IT estate.

Our proactive IT support team always keeps up with the evolution of cyber-attacks, ensuring your business is never left unprotected.

Find out more about our cyber security solutions or don’t hesitate to contact our team for more information.