Microsoft Teams Voice 

Microsoft Teams Voice combines Microsoft Teams with best-in-class VoIP for the ultimate in connectivity, collaboration and communication

Call, Collaborate and Consolidate

Turn Microsoft Teams into mobile telephony for your most fully featured Business VoIP solution. Wherever they are, whatever device, let Teams Voice keep co-workers connected to clients, suppliers and each other.


Consolidate the costs of your calls and your collaborative applications. Teams Voice keeps the cost of comms centralised and simpler to manage.


Your every Teams channel, contact & telephone directory is available from one Cloud-enabled hub. Your communicative options have never been more extensive.


With Microsoft Teams as your telephony client, you’re accessible from anywhere, on any Teams compatible device.


Clearer, quicker and more capable calling plus extensive VoIP features make Teams Voice a feature-rich, reliable telephony solution.


Add Teams-enabled features to your regular calling, letting your telephony do more than just the talking.


With everything protected behind Microsoft Cloud security, personal devices benefit from more secure calling without having to use personal numbers.

Take your telephony further with our Teams Voice solutions.

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Your VoIP, Evolved

You don’t have to give up the benefits of Business VoIP with Teams Voice. Your calling solutions are easily integrated and evolved by Microsoft’s industry-leading technologies, for a revolutionary new approach to comms.

Zero Call Restrictions

You’re not limited by your Teams environment; all calls from any devices can be sent and received through Teams Voice

Simplified Routing

Migrate your existing provider into Teams quickly and easily, with all your business numbers integrated.

Text-to-Speech (and Back Again!)

Send call transcripts directly to your Exchange email and send voice messages based on any text communications.

Quicker Conferencing

Make it easy to connect to conferences. Automatic call-in numbers let your audiences dial in with a single click.

Complete Calling Control

Let Teams-compatible devices benefit from queuing, call-forwarding and routing services for more flexible Teams telecoms.

Expert Assistance

Leave Novem to take care of your Teams Voice solution, putting your solution in the hands of Microsoft IT experts.


See how much simpler business telephony can be – download our VoIP Datasheet below.

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Award-winning, Industry-Accredited IT

Being an expert provider is about more than our technologies – it’s about our dedication to service, our passion for meaningful client relationships, and our insistence on complete customer satisfaction. It’s these factors that see us recognised locally and globally as an MSP to rely on.


Customer Success Stories

As Business VoIP and Microsoft specialists, we’re uniquely positioned to deliver effective, efficient Teams Voice solutions; enabling our clients, evolving their business and expanding their customer reach. 

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M62 Vincis – Pitching and Bidding Consultants

Microsoft 365 Migration, Hosted Telephony and VoIP

A bid-winning consultancy practice needs complete communicative confidence. M62 Vincis needed company comms that gave them – and their clients – results.

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Transform your Telephony with Microsoft Teams Voice

Connect to your people, partners and customers with revolutionary new VoIP solutions that bring your teams and technologies closer 

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