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Hints, Tips & How-tos
Setting an Out of Office (When You're Already Out of the Office)

It’s easy to forget the ever-important ‘Out of Office’ option for your Outlook account – so here’s how to activate yours when you’re away from your desktop.

Hints, Tips & How-tos
Tips for Remote Work Security

Remote workers are typically the first to face off a security threat – so here’s how to topple cyber threats at the first hurdle.

Hints, Tips & How-tos
Stop the Phish - How to Identify Phishing Emails

Anti-malware and MFA can help limit the risks of phishing but where the technology fails the last line of defence is your eagle-eyed users.

Hints, Tips & How-tos
Top Tips for Avoiding Phishing Scams

Phishing scams are costly. They’re also the most common method of cyber-attack. Here’s a deeper exploration of some common phishing techniques.

Hints, Tips & How-tos
Master Microsoft Teams with These Top Tips

Be faster, more flexible and more efficient in Teams with this selection of tips and tricks.

Hints, Tips & How-tos
Rehearsing Timings in PowerPoint

Deliver the perfect presentation with smooth, seamless slide transitions for your PowerPoint presentations.

Hints, Tips & How-tos
How to Keep the Cloud Secure With Monthly Security and Feature Updates

With most of our work now occurring online, it’s vital to keep your Cloud environment continuous with regular security updates.

Hints, Tips & How-tos
Top Tips for Cloud Migration

For public organizations looking to execute a successful cloud migration strategy, these tips to help you make your move in confidence.

Hints, Tips & How-tos
Master Microsoft Teams With These Keyboard Shortcuts

Check out our top shortcuts for meetings, chatting, and navigation in Microsoft Teams.

Hints, Tips & How-tos
Speedy Snipping and Sketching on Windows 10

Snip and Sketch tool lets users snapshot key areas on-screen and edit them, quickly and easily. Here’s how to make Snip and Sketch even more efficient.

Assessment Tools and Calculator
Get a Quote for a Microsoft Teams Rooms Solution

Your people are working from further apart. Let us bring them closer together. Find out how little it can cost to better connect your team wherever they are.

The Ultimate Cybersecurity Guide for Remote Working

Equip your employees with everything they need to work safely, wherever in the world they’re based.