Business VoIP Telephony

For a constantly connected workplace

Take your telephony with you, wherever you work from. Evolve your calling capabilities with dedicated Business VoIP and mobilise your company handsets with the essential communications solution for the modern workplace.

The Benefits of Business VoIP

For cost-saving, continuity and futured-proofed communications, VoIP is the business standard choice for telephony; and with the advances of Cloud technology, your solutions are set to get better over time.

  • More flexible and manageable calling costs
  • Low costs on international calls
  • Mobilise your workforce and office numbers
  • Cloud hosted for more reliable business continuity

Take your telephony further. Our VoIP solutions ensure your people stay connected and collaborative, wherever they’re calling from.

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Modernised, Mobilised Business Telephony

Balance full control of your business telephony with the freedom of Cloud-connected comms. With our Business VoIP telephony, your calling is as manageable as it is flexible.

Controllable Costs

Control calling volumes, add calling restrictions and limit user privileges with dedicated VoIP software that helps you keep costs under control.

Feature-Rich Telephony

Auto-attendant, call forwarding and streamlined number porting allows you to make the most of your business telephony, wherever you’re calling from.


Migrate and mobilise your office numbers and never miss an important call again. Our number porting is fast, efficient and provides your users with near-limitless calling.

Call in Confidence

With dedicated VoIP security software, your voice chats, video calls and virtual conferences are protected from prying eyes and ears online.

Managed and Maintained

With our ongoing support and maintenance, your VoIP solutions are always updated and optimised - leaving you all the time you need to talk.

Measurable Results

Know your calling costs from in-house to overseas, and make better business decisions. Our analytics give you full visibility of your company’s VoIP habits.


Familiarise yourself with the benefits of VoIP. Download our datasheet below.

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Award-winning, Industry-Accredited IT

Being an expert provider is about more than our technologies – it’s about our dedication to service, our passion for meaningful client relationships, and our insistence on complete customer satisfaction. It’s these factors that see us recognised locally and globally as an MSP to rely on.  


Customer Success Stories

Our Business VoIP solutions have helped hundreds of businesses stay connected and collaborative:

M62 Vincis – Pitching and Bidding Consultants

Microsoft 365 Migration, Hosted Telephony, VoIP  

A world-spanning, bid-winning consultancy practice needs complete communicative confidence. M62 Vincis needed company comms that gave them – and their clients – results. 

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AV Danzer – Temporary Modular Building Design

Hosted Telephony, VoIP, Private Cloud Services 

Working on-site doesn’t have to mean working offline. AV Danzer’s portable construction services are supported by Business Comms that keep construction consistent, all across the country.

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Transform your Telephony

Connect to you people, partners and customers with fast and feature-rich Business VoIP. Take your talk further with Novem IT – call us today.

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