ISDN Switch off

What You Should Know About the ISDN Switch Off

In 2017 BT announced the PTSN and ISDN switch off would be complete by 2025, and with the switch off date drawing ever closer, every business needs to be looking ahead and planning their technology moves. We suggest cloud telephony as the ideal solution, and in the following article you’ll learn more about how it can benefit your business and what the ISDN switch off will amount to. But firstly…

What is ISDN and why are BT switching off this service?

ISDN stands for Integrated Services Digital Network, and in simple terms, it allows multiple digital channels to operate on a single copper line. It has been the standard of the UK’s phone network since the 1980’s, but due to dramatic changes in technology over the past few years, especially recently, it isn’t cut out to handle the demands of an ever increasing digital world.

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What’s the alternative?

Essentially any phone system that runs on the now ancient network of copper wires will be affected by the ISDN switch off. This includes:

  • PSTN lines (all WLR)
  • ISDN2
  • ISDN30
  • SMPF
  • ADSL
  • FTTC
  • EoFTTC
  • EFM

So, in its place, we need a phone system that’s easy to install. Thankfully, Hosted VoIP is just that and more. In fact, Hosted VoIP is the perfect solution for a number of reasons. A sudden ISDN switch off will lead to a drop in flexibility, a slow in revenue, productivity losses, and even a loss of reputation. But for the business that embraces Hosted VoIP – regardless of the switch over – they can expect the following.

  • Easier collaboration thanks to remote workers being able to chat from anywhere, on any device
  • Typically lower costs since it uses the internet connection you already have, comes with bundled minutes/data, and has fewer management overheads
  • A flexible and scalable phone system that lets you add and remove users, new telephone numbers and extensions quickly and easily.

For these reasons, Hosted VoIP is set to take over the office from your regular landline not just after the ISDN switch off but from today too.

It’s time to set the ball rolling

This issue will affect businesses of all types: no business, however big or small wants to lose money. There’s no need to renew any current ISDN line. The time is now for getting ahead of the technology curve and take advantage of everything VoIP has to offer. What’s more, it could form part of a wider cloud transformation. Cloud technology as a whole can work wonders for your team’s collaboration, with a range of tools that will help your team members perform their jobs more efficiently.

If you’re ready to prepare your business for the big ISDN switch off, as well as providing your team with a range of other benefits, use the calendar below to book a meeting and discuss your options.