Cloud collaboration

The Meaning and Benefits of Cloud Collaboration

Increasingly, more of our work is being moved online. With our users working from further afield and our systems moving off company premises, Cloud Collaboration is fast becoming essential to keep users and their tech connected.

What is Cloud Collaboration?

Cloud collaboration allows users to work seamlessly in the Cloud, where files can be stored and accessed, meetings can occur in real-time, and projects can be completed cooperatively from a single, secure location. Cloud solutions proved invaluable during the 2020 pandemic, but as many businesses are discovering, its benefits are pivotal for long-term success.

Cloud Collaboration

What are the benefits of Cloud Collaboration?

Keeping it consistent

With Cloud storage, files are accessible from one secure location – there’s no need to send files repeatedly over email, where they can be lost or duplicated. Designated users can access these files and see their changes amended in real-time, while software such as Microsoft 365 keeps a rigid version history, so any changes made can be easily tracked or undone. In short, your workers are always accessing the same files – and those files are always up to date.

Larger files – and more of them

Because the Cloud allows users to keep adding online storage space, they’re free to save larger files – such as videos, recorded calls and marketing materials – without fear of ever running out. No more sharing large files over email: users simply provide links to the content they want to share.

Promoting productivity

Having users collaborating in the cloud, as opposed to on-premises, is actually a powerful enabler. Nobody is restricted by time or distance, no meetings are ever missed, and no work is ever lost or unavailable. Cloud Collaboration doesn’t only keep workers connected – it allows them to work smarter.

Cooperate and innovate

The clue’s in the name; Cloud collaboration is about making it easier for users to work together. Cloud-powered apps such as Microsoft 365, and particularly Microsoft Teams, are designed around the concept of collaboration. Users can brainstorm ideas via apps such as Whiteboard, or share work and responsibilities via add-ons such as Tasks for Teams. Your processes and security may be rigid, but your users are free to elaborate and innovate without limitation, thanks to an open-ended work environment.

Superior security

Security is and forever will be a top business concern. When your files are entrusted to an outside provider, you want assurance that they’re protected. Because Cloud servers are provisioned by such giants as Amazon, Google and Microsoft, their end-to-end encryptions are expectedly tight. While security remains a joint responsibility, you can be assured that your service provider will support whatever security solutions you rely on, such as 2FA, to protect your users and files.

Whatever your Cloud strategy entails, Cloud Collaboration ensures your users work towards its success, while providing them the means to prosper, experiment and innovate.

If you’re yet to explore the benefits of a Cloud-Collaborative workspace, or feel yours is ready for its next major iteration, we at Novem are ready to make it happen.

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