Take Care Of Your Business With Our Cybersecurity Solutions

No business can afford to be lax when it comes to cybersecurity. Every other week we hear of businesses who have suffered from cybercrime attacks. In fact, one report has found that the UK has lost £1.7 billion to cybercrime and fraud in 2022.

No matter if you’re building a start-up business or run an established company, Novem will help protect you from expensive data breaches.

Most companies are highly reliant on technology with offices full of staff using computers that are vulnerable to hackers. Novem delivers the latest cybersecurity solutions to ensure you have the least amount of risk.

Cybersecurity solutions should also always include education. The more we know about fraud, the easiest it is to spot. Our experts can also educate your staff on the latest risks. With problems like phishing one of the biggest issues, it’s crucial to be on the alert. 

Novem looks to be your IT department with services that help you build a thriving enterprise. Perfect for customers in Manchester who need local support, we’re always there when you need us. Our knowledgeable team delivers everything from IT consultancy services to cloud migration and disaster recoveries.

Whatever your aims, we can deliver IT support that reflects the unique challenges you face. When you onboard with us, you’ll have an expert engineer to document and support your IT infrastructure.

Find out more about our cybersecurity solutions or contact us for more information.