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Want to enjoy quicker and clearer conference calls?

Replacing a traditional system with VoIP, Cloud, SIP, or Hosted Internet based telephony is a great way to enjoy more control. It takes your ability to communicate to the next level and, unlike old phone systems, can be accessed anywhere.

Good telecommunications is essential for running a business productively. If you still have a traditional phone system, you could be missing out on many huge benefits including much lower telephone bills. Choose a VoIP system and you’ll have greater flexibility and security.

If you’re ready to introduce this type of system, our team at Novem would love to hear from you.

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Novem will ensure you have the most effective and cost-efficient telephone system, which is perfect for a company's unique requirements. We are dedicated to improving your telecoms systems along with all aspects of IT, such as the use of cloud based technology.

The chances are you’ve heard about hosted phone systems but you might not understand what all the jargon means. Our expert team can talk you through all the latest telephone systems available and find the best one for your business.

We offer Microsoft Teams Voice, which combines Microsoft Teams with best-in-class VoIP for the ultimate in connectivity, collaboration and communication.

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