Discover The Benefits Of A Hosted Telephony System In Liverpool

Novem looks to be your go-to IT department, with our team dedicated to providing remote and local support.

We regularly work with companies in Manchester and Liverpool at all stages in their business journey. Our work includes helping businesses innovate and make use of the latest technology, like hosted VoIP.

Improve their telecommunications and your calling capabilities.

You might be aware that traditional phone systems are slowly being phased out. Soon they won’t even be available to buy.

Upgrading to Business VoIP offers a wealth of benefits, including the fact it future-proofs your company and keeps it as competitive as possible. If you’re not sure if this system is right for your company in Liverpool, our team can talk you through the advantages it offers.

Enable flexible working with a hosted telephony system.

Novem helps you benefit from the latest cloud communications, helping you stay in touch with greater ease.

Systems which are cloud hosted will provide more business continuity. No matter where remote staff are based, they’ll easily be connected to your main system. That’s because the system is housed in the cloud, not in your office in Liverpool. You won’t have to worry about expensive physical hardware on-site.

That includes providing VoIP Telephony to give you a connected workplace, no matter where in the world your staff are working. This type of telephone system gives you much lower calls, including low costs on international calls, along with exceptional flexibility.

If you’re interested in upgrading to a hosted telephone system, simply contact us for more information.

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