Swift Financial Solutions

Office 365 Migration from Google Apps, Managed IT Services

Swift Financial Solutions – Novem IT Case Study


Swift is a large personal finance specialist working with clients throughout the whole of the UK operating from multiple Northwest-based offices.

Swift has extended operational hours of business across 14 hours a day, 7 days a week, inclusive of bank holidays.


Swift Financial Solutions.



  • Migration from outdated Windows 7 systems to Windows 10.
  • Email and application migration from Google Apps and email to Office 365
  • The integration of a newly procured internally-hosted case management system
  • Multisite access to shared business IT resources
  • Improved system responsiveness from the end user IT equipment
  • A business continuity strategy that mitigates downtime from server and network equipment failure
  • A strategic IT partner that works with the business assisting with 3rd party service integration offering IT governance moving forward

What We Did

After consultation with Swift’s senior management team, Novem delivered:

  • A full, seamless email migration from GoogleMail to Microsoft Office 365
  • A fully deployed Microsoft Hyper V platform creating a scalable virtualised platform for business growth
  • Delivered a replicated distributed file structure across 2 key business sites offering full business system continuity
  • A full business server refresh and a migration of company data on to new server platform utilising the latest Microsoft server products
  • Created Office 365 tenant and deployed the latest office productivity suite for all business users
  • Deployed additional onsite and remote offsite backup strategy on key business servers
  • Replaced and upgraded all client systems with leased, modern hardware running the latest Windows 10 operating system
  • Deployed remote management and monitoring agent to all systems to allow proactive service, patching and support

Swift Financial Solutions





  • The whole business is now operating from a modern and productive end to end IT platform
  • 100 percent system availability with a fail-proof business continuity strategy
  • Business process transformation with improved enterprise messaging and collaboration with the introduction of Office 365
  • Full IT asset tracking and license management, visibility of all IT hardware and software licencing
  • Vastly improved business productivity without large CapEx expenditure
  • Business piece of mind utilising a fully managed and monitored backup solution running hourly increments with 2nd site offsite data replication

Ongoing Services

  • Fully managed monthly subscription to Office 365 products
  • Novem work closely with Swift Management and all its staff on a fully comprehensive support agreement
  • A flexible, rolling lease agreement for end-user desktop computers all assets are tracked and monitored
  • A fully monitored and managed backup solution, with verified offsite historical data archiving
  • Managed full proactive endpoint monitoring in place all critical IT and end-user devices protected with early alerting mechanisms


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