What Might a Cyber Security Gap Analysis Uncover?

You may think you’re doing all you can to protect your business from ransomware. But many businesses can get a rude awakening when they perform a security gap analysis, or worse, fall victim to a cyber-attack. Read on to learn about the blind spots that are likely to be uncovered after a cyber security gap analysis. Then you should be able to fill them in well before it’s too late.

A lack of cyber security training

If your team can’t spot a phishing scam a mile off then your employees are practically offering an open invitation to cyber criminals. That’s because if you’re a cyber criminal, human error is much easier to bank on than outsmarting a firewall or an antivirus. Make sure your team has regular cyber security training and can spot phishing scams, even when they’re tired and busy.

Out of date technology

It’s a game of digital cat and mouse between cyber criminals and cyber security technology. If you take your eye off the ball by forgetting a software update or by not replacing legacy systems, the latest cyber threats have a much greater chance of compromising your business. Make sure all your updates are set to automatic and your IT department stays abreast of the latest technology.

A lack of monitoring

Monitoring looks out for anomalous behaviour in the network. So, with the right monitoring solutions in place, you can nip cyber security issues in the bud. Zero monitoring, on the other hand, gives everything from insider threats to malware a head start on compromising your IT and your business.

IoT device vulnerabilities

Businesses are connecting more elements of their physical office to the internet. And anything that’s connected to the internet is immediately more vulnerable. Printers are a prime example. Office printers store sensitive data on their hard drives. With no firewall installed on the printer, this data is there for the taking. As the number of IoT devices grows, the number of potential cyber security gaps will grow too.

Vulnerable vendors

Check to see that the technology beyond your own systems and IT team has robust cyber security measures in place. More and more, criminals are targeting the technology that supports their end victim, using that tech as a back door. The recent SolarWinds hack is a prime example of that. This is why, at Novem, we regularly review all the vendors we partner with.

Weak security policies

Predictable passwords, a lack of BYOD policy and not managing privileges correctly, are all ways in which your cyber security policy can invite criminals into your IT systems. A good cyber security policy on the other hand, covers the basics and prevents your business from being low hanging fruit to cyber criminals.

From cloud computing security issues to advanced ransomware techniques, there are all sorts of gaps your cyber security could be oblivious to. With Novem’s cyber security services, your business can receive a complete cyber security gap analysis and ensure that it’s not an easy target for cyber criminals.