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How to boost workplace productivity with Microsoft cloud-based applications

Increasing workplace productivity is challenging in the current climate, with many of us working from home. But through cloud computing and innovative Microsoft cloud-based applications, you can boost productivity, whether you are in the office or working from home.

How can Microsoft cloud applications boost productivity?

Encourage team culture with Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams has become the central hub of communication and collaboration for many businesses, both internally and with customers and suppliers. Using Microsoft Teams, your workforce no longer needs to rely on office phones or personal devices to communicate. You can send instant messages, video chat, have meetings on any compatible device. Teams is part of your Microsoft 365 subscription and integrates with Microsoft cloud applications such as Outlook, ensuring your team never misses a meeting. Implement Teams and keep your workforce better connected, productive and maintain a positive team culture.


Create, edit and share with SharePoint

SharePoint is a cloud platform designed to create greater efficiencies in group work and ensure your team is productive, so working on projects no longer needs to be hindered by remote work. Using SharePoint, your team can create, live-edit, and share all in real-time, and with the added integration into Microsoft Teams, sharing files and discussing tasks is more streamlined than ever.

Keep on track with Microsoft Planner

Keeping on track can be tricky; time runs away so quickly. But with Microsoft Planner, you can organise teamwork through intuitive, collaborative, and visual task management, enabling your team to stay on track. Gain key insights into your teams’ workload, create checklists, manage time, and much more. Through smart integrations into many other Microsoft 365 cloud-based applications, such as Outlook and SharePoint, all you work is in one environment and can be accessed by your team from any device in any location.

Stay organised with Microsoft Lists

Implementing Microsoft Lists will enable you to optimise your team’s organisation and track the progress of their work. Microsoft Lists can be customised to reflect your business needs through automation and integrates with Microsoft Teams to work in real-time with these lists side by side. Keeping your teams’ productivity up to scratch.


Enable creativity with Microsoft Whiteboard

Creativity in your team can be limited by remote work, which is why Microsoft Whiteboard is the best Microsoft cloud based application for this. Microsoft Whiteboard is a collaborative digital canvas included in your Microsoft 365 subscription to ensure your team can be as creative as ever in meetings and share new and innovative ideas without being limited by remote work. This not only enables your team to be productive but engages your team and keeps involved in discussion and brainstorming.

Ensure your team stay productive every day with these tools

Office-based or remote, these Microsoft cloud-based applications can ensure that your team remains productive, so your staff can work to the best of their ability. Using market-leading solutions gives your employees the best platform to help them succeed in their job role. Your team can access these Microsoft cloud tools from any location on any device, so if they’re on the go or not, all the information they need is at their fingertips.

If you are interested in implementing these Microsoft cloud-based applications to help your business thrive, contact our IT experts who can help your business achieve ultimate productivity.

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